Transportation continues as a growing market over the last decade for the plastic industry with the need for aerodynamics and interest in reducing weight to improve fuel efficiency. This market will continue growing using plastic materials both on the exterior and on the interior of many trucks.

Bumpers. Typical material choice for bumper covers remains TPO offering a high-gloss cap, great impact, low thermal expansion, and UV resistance. ABS with acrylic fills need.

Corner Caps and Skirts. Similar to the bumpers, TPO ranks as the material of choice with a gloss of a standard TPO, a great impact, and UV. In this high-impact area, TPO outperforms castings, FRP, and laminated wood processes in costs and durability.

Fenders and Fender Liners. This area usually uses HDPE as the material for strong impact, UV resistance and low cost versus ABS or TPO. The thermal expansion is more than ABS and TPO, but we made this material acceptable, by design, to help reduce costs.

Nose Cone. We use ABS with a high-gloss or low-gloss in this application to help with the aerodynamics of the truck.

Interior Panels. We find ABS with low-gloss Korad cap or standard co-extruded low-gloss cap with a Seville texture to be the most common selections for interiors. It is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and looks great. We also use ABS with soft-touch cap as another material in interior application.