Purchasing Manager

Job Description:

This is a Staff level position, responsible for efficiently sourcing all raw materials to support production, and to assist in purchasing large dollar machinery and equipment. Must have a high degree of knowledge of the plastics thermoforming industry, including types of resins and their properties, vendors available for sourcing resins and colors, and also be knowledgeable of the capabilities of thermoforming and extrusion machinery. Must be a skilled negotiator that is constantly seeking high quality materials at the best price, and reliable delivery all while striving to attain inventory turn goals. The position requires excellent communication, interpersonal, and administrative skills.

Specific Duties

  1. Utilizes information from our ERP System (IQMS), secures material through the issuing of purchase orders to support our manufacturing process, ensures adequate lead times for the purchase and receipt of all raw materials
  2. Manages and oversees other departmental personnel (Buyer) to purchase raw materials, factory supplies, and office supplies.
  3. Monitors the physical inventory of resin, colorant and other key materials on a daily basis
  4. Analyzes inventory reports to detect overages, shortages, and potential obsolescence
  5. Orders resin or other materials needed for new samples
  6. Works with Production, Engineering and QA to help resolve quality issues.
  7. Continues to develop and refine a purchasing strategy based on continuous improvement and cost reduction techniques throughout our entire supply chain.
  8. As needed, assists in the evaluation of new machinery and equipment and follows up thru price negotiation and purchase
  9. Visits vendors and customers facilities as needed
  10. Attends and actively participates in the weekly Staff meeting, providing updates on any pertinent issues and voicing any key concerns
  11. Must be fluent in our ERP System (IQMS) and other computer system software.
  12. Assumes other activities and responsibilities from time to time as directed.
  13. Responsible for ISO Procedures: SP4.6 (Purchasing) and SP4.7 (Customer supplied property).


B.S. degree and practical experience in plastics thermoforming and extrusion, or related manufacturing experience


Reports to the President