CNC/Rotary Operator – Hampton, South Carolina


Department: Thermoforming

Plant Location: Hampton, South Carolina

Job Description:

Must have mechanical ability and be able to read, monitor, and understand various measures, gauges, and instruments. Must safely set up and operate rotary thermoforming machines. Must follow the Manufacturing Plan at all times.

Specific Duties

  1. Set up and operate Rotary thermoforming machines in a safe manner.
  2. Complete all necessary paperwork for set ups and production.
  3. Monitor quality of parts per Manufacturing Plan.
  4. Ensure machine is running at the standard cycle time.
  5. Make heat/timing adjustments as necessary.
  6. Pack finished goods for shipment.
  7. Perform any other work as directed per Supervision.
  8. Perform standardized work per the Manufacturing Plan’s Process Methods.
  9. Record pertinent data in real time monitoring system (IQMS).


Practical experience in manufacturing


Reports to the Cell Supervisor