Consider Color When Changing Metal Over To Plastic Thermoforming

When considering converting metal products to plastic products, be sure to take color into consideration. This should be one of very first things on the list when determining if plastic is the right solution for you!

  • Avoid the extra cost of painting metal by choosing from a variety of plastic color options.
  • Many Color Options. Most plastics can be colored across the palette to deliver your particular color needs and part appearance.
  • Plastic ABS, Polystyrene, Acrylic, TPO, Polyethylene, Luran, and Centrex can be colored and have various gloss and textures as well, which broadens your performance choices.
  • Co-extrusion provides additional color combinations that can offer gloss or matte finishes by using different, but compatible, polymers in layers with each layer having its own appearance.
  • ABS plastic capped with a weatherable polymer has been a longstanding choice for outdoor applications, while TPO plastic (a new polymer), offers performance, low thermal expansion and contraction rates, and resistance to long-term weathering.
  • Camo and Brushed Aluminum Films. If you like a camo or special look, like brushed aluminum, these can also be attained by laminating cap films during the sheet extrusion process to further expand the possibilities. While Microban is not a color, this antimicrobial additive can also be incorporated in the cap or caps of the sheet.All of these plastic sheet choices are extruded at Spencer Industries for our thermoforming customers, providing faster deliveries and truly custom choices.
  • Polycarbonate, PVC, glass-filled TPO, Kydex, and Senosan sheets are purchased for applications as needed.

These options provide the material for thermoforming parts that might be substituted for metal, saving weight and eliminating painting in your applications.

If you have more questions about color options for thermoformed plastic, please contact one of our knowledgeable associates today.