Thermoforming In Hampton, SC

Did you know that we have thermoforming facility in South Carolina?

The headquarters for our heavy gauge thermoforming operations are located in Dale, IN. We also have an established facility in Hampton, SC. This has provided convenience and access for our customers in the southern states.

We feel it is important to serve our customers and, in 2008, we were able meet their needs by purchasing another facility in Hampton. When dealing with heavy gauge plastic products, logistics often becomes a point of concern. Being closer to our customers in the south has allowed them to reduce their logistic costs. We simply extrude the plastic sheet at our facility in Dale, IN, and ship the plastic sheet to our Hampton, SC facility to be thermoformed. This facility continues to allow us to be a single supplier and reduces shipping costs for our customers in the southern and eastern states.

Our thermoforming facility in Hampton, South Carolina is located just four hours away from Atlanta, GA. It takes less than 30 minutes to access I-95 from our Hampton facility. Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA are both less than two hours away from our facility, as well.